Thursday, December 27, 2012

Schools, Farms, and Skis

I learned how to be a great person because of skiing.
And because of skiing I learned how to live a great life.

Ski Mountaineering in Alaska; 2003

For me skiing took patience and it taught me to enjoy my life in new and different ways.
Today skiing is still teaching me how to live properly.

Getting ready to ski Little Rainbow in the Pintlars; 2004
Little Rainbow above Storm Lake, Pintlar Mountains Montana.

I love skiing,,, and because of skiing I have a message when I go into a school. 
I'm enthusiastic about life....
And I realize how important these next generation are to making a positive,
and greener future.

Captain Green Man w/ bicycle and skis.

Because of skiing, I've learned how to value life differently.
To value my food and my family above profit and material things.

Is it ok to show summer pictures in the winter?

I remember crashing a lot when I learned how to ski.
Being cold and wondering why I was having so much fun at the same time.

I remember the day I realized the truth about skiing.
The exact moment when I knew what it is about skiing that makes it so perfect.
And makes people feel so free.

It's everything!
Everything mountains and earth,
snow crystals and air,
everything magical and real,
all at once
with no barriers between life, love, snow, and mountains

Everything about my relationships with love, 
and how this relationship can catalyst my future.

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