Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Modern Warrior

The Modern Warrior

by Chris Bangs

The social scar tissue of cancer,
and the progress of our diseases

The migration of thought
and the accuracy of mindfulness

The hidden weapons
and the atomic nature of our subconscious

The modern warrior of today sees these things in each of our faces
and reminds us where the battlefield lies.

The barriers
and the lines between

The modern warrior no longer kills for food or power
and has learned the art of healing.

Look around at the world today, and if your mind is up to speed and you can see clearly the dilemmas that we as humans have faced for millenniums.

Then you know,
There's a revolution happening
There's always been a revolution happening

Change, the only constant,
and here we are today,
changing and changing (and possibly going no where)

The modern warrior looks around and wonders how much longer will we believe in the lies,
The lies that have us going to war with others
and says the enemy is outside our selves

The modern warrior knows this is a lie,
and also knows that this lie has kept us from our own personal revolution

Keeping us trapped here,
life after life

Making the same mistakes over and over,
living and dying,
and not evolving

The modern warrior know that to win,
is to surrender
and real courage lies in peace

Vegan, Yogi, and yes, Warrior 2

Modern, from the latin word modo, meaning "just now"

The modern warrior knows that the only real battle is the battle for NOW,
and that to live in the now releases you from the chains of our past,
and the fate of our future.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Week 4 Bike To Farm 2012,
Sat. Aug. 4th

posted by Christopher

Harvest House Farm sits 11 miles from town on Hwy. 191 near Gallatin Gateway. The ride out to the farm started out by eight of us crossing Main Street in front of the Sweet Pea Parade with cop cars flicking their sirens and about 2,000 people marching our way. It was quite a scene. Dodging a parade on a bike, honking my bike horn to get a clear passage through the mob. 'Hey get out of the way man, here comes a goofy looking guy on a bike.'
Awesome way to start the day. Really Awesome.

Eight of us road up Tracy Ave. making our way out of town and through miles and miles of farm land. Riding, chatting, and swerving down the country roads. The eleven miles went by quickly and soon we were greeted by Lori and her intern Lydia. There we had cucumber mint water, ice tea, and muffins waiting for us.
Awesome. Really Really Awesome.
The tour of the farm started once everyone got to know each other a little. We had Donna, Rich, Sean, Evelyn, Clint, Evan, Justene, and meself. All enjoying one another and talking about farming and riding bikes on nice summer days.

When we arrived it was a scene out of movie; there were people mulling about, working, fixing things. Two guys were looking at a giant salad spinner, figuring out how to fix it up to a bicycle to spin the lettuce. There was a bike rack, and people greeting us and taking pictures. We parked our bikes and walked up to the house.

Lori Davis has been living out there for more than 20 years, and in the past  3 years she has turned her place into a working farm to create a 'change of lifestyle'.  Now that her kids are grown up, Lori has been able to spend her time turning her beautiful home into a Community farm.  With 5 families and 14 half shares in her CSA, Lori's place is a perfect example of Community Supported Agriculture.

Thanks Lori for showing us around last week. Hope to see you soon.