Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beartooth Bust

Hello Friends,

I made this for you. 

For you to laugh at,
wonder about,
and feel inspired by.

I hope you like it!

p.s. Spending a week in the rainy tent w/ vertigo sucked!

But somehow Gillian Welch (soundtrack) makes it all better.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crazy Peak Montana

posted by Chris Bangs

The final attempt in my latest and greatest project. 

Crazy Peak...!

One of the hardest things on these adventures is knowing how to pace myself.
And how much TIME I'll need to complete a climb.

Last day of the 'Kick My Own Ass' project...
Last week was a good example of the difficulty in pulling off a human-powered
adventure on a limited amount of time.

The bicycle ride into the Crazy's proved to be a lot more challenging than I had hoped for.

The 90 mile bike ride from my house to the trailhead was dripping with sweat.
The 90ยบ+ temperatures and humidity from the thunderstorms
added to my misery.
(I already miss winter!)

Crazy Peak on far left.
The final leg of the ride was up a dirt road for 15 miles with no shade in the unbearable heat.

And for anybody who hasn't towed a heavy bike trailer up a dirt road....
Well let's just say, IT AIN'T EASY!!!!

If I ever wonder why more people are not jumping on this "band wagon to freedom," 
I realize that this is my answer.

It ain't easy,
and only fools like myself find the 
freedom in hardship.

and Crazy Peak skunked me....!

She skunked me so hard I'm bashful about it.

I got to the trail head, with only one day planned for the climb and ski.

I knew the approach to the climb was supposed to be tough,
but once I got there and looked at it....

I actually said "SHIT, THAT SUCKS!"

The plan for the climb (with my limited amount of time)
was to make the approach at night,
but that would have me
bushwhacking up a mountain side for 5-6 miles in the dark,
by myself,
in a place I've never been before.

To change my plan would have required me to ride 26 miles back to Big Timber,
call Justene and tell her my new plan,
buy more food,
and then ride 26 miles back up that boiling hot hill.

I may be crazy,
but call me stupid and I'll shove a case of
HOSER BEER down your throat.