Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gallatin Valley Botanical by Chris Bangs

Sat. July 28,,, Week 3 of the Bike to Farm group rides.  We had 15 people show up and make the ride out GVB, Gallatin County's largest organic veggie farm.

Matt Rothschiller met us with his daughter Anya in his arms and guided us on a tour of their farm.  We were dazzled right away with the two nearest greenhouses.  Inside bursting with micro greens, tomatoes, basil, peppers, and cucumbers.  Next we went out in the fields and ate peas, and other goodies ripe on the vines.

The Rothschillers have done well for themselves in the local farming movement here in Bozeman.  This is such a great thing for people to see; happy farmers doing their thing, with kids right along side, living outdoors, working the land and the fields. As I pondered the idea last week of sourcing more and more local food, I began to think about the farmers I know in this valley, and how I'm glad that I am getting to know them, and to know their farms.
This idea of eating local food, and creating strong communities, supporting our farmers personally, being a part of our own food network, healing our relationship with food and world.  IT's crazy to think about.  Not long ago, everyone was apart of a community, supporting the local agriculture.  It was how we lived and survived. Now things are weird,,, Really Weird... Now we have sporty little acronyms that people are either hip to, or not; "cause like, I'm apart of this groovy CSA man, you know,"  Crazier even more, is how little we care.  I know, because I care, I just don't care enough, and now compare that to someone who doesn't even know what a CSA is, and well,,, you get the picture. You see it everyday. The modern American waste land; with neat and tidy Wal-Mart parking lots mixed in with the bright lights of a Disney tailgater, drunk college types, some ornery unhealthy people, a McDonalds/Monsanto (McSanto) add campaign manager, and VOILA,,, Madness, all wrapped up in a pretty little black dress, stuck on cruise control in our fancy hybrid SUV, and enslaved by the most corrupt (read largest) government history has ever known. Generation Triple Weird.

Wow, Weirds-Ville USA, generation WWW triple weird.  Or Not. You decide. Your dollar is your vote, not the names on the ballet. (not the names on the ballet)

Simply buying local organic food will change the world we live in.

Simply ride bikes,,,

Be the revolution...

Is anyone with me?