Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zip ties and Duct tape

posted by Chris

Mile 450
After an early morning thunder storm from an anonymous cloud we headed towards Eureka where we are planning on visiting Ten Lakes Farm today.
Then SNAP!!!
The bolt holding my bike seat together snaps as I'm riding and luckily the seat post dosn't get deposited in the wrong spot.  OK, bust out the zip ties and the duct tape.  And thankfully not for me arse!!!

The broken bolt

Schlep has seen better days.
The ride comfort improved for the first few miles. Then a slight rocking chair effect took place.  And finally a laid back low rider look had me clenching my cheeks together to keep the seat from slipping off.
We made it the 15 miles to Eureka on a Sunday.  The hardware store is closed, possibly till Tuesday, and now I am riding standing up and I'm on the look out for a new bolt.

Lunch at Walking Bear Farm with Lyn Hendrix homemade sprouts and homemade preserves.

No this is not Woodstock, it's the Eureka Farmer's Market

Stone Hill's heat stone

For all those non-believers who think you need to eat meat; eat your heart out!!

 Picked up Jack Skellington outside Bigfork where he was hitchhiking from.