Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fund The Change

posted by Chris Bangs

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 Hollowtop Peak, Tobacco Root Mountains

This winter and spring it has been my goal to climb and ski the highest peak in the each of the major mountain ranges that surround my home in Bozeman.

Big deal right? Anyone could do that....... Duh.

Now throw in a bicycle, get rid of the automobile, and raise money for two charity networks and we're getting somewhere.

I'm attempting to climb and ski completely human-powered by riding my bicycle to the trailheads instead of driving a car. And I'm raising money to support a healthier world for us all to live in!

It's taken a while to work up to winter ski mountaineering supported by a bicycle, but this year I pulled off 4 attempts in bitterly cold temps. Riding 450 miles. Enduring temperature of -20ยบ below zero, and loving the beJesus out of every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm raising money to support our BIKE TO FARM network, and our School Slide Show Series.

I'm doing this because food, health, children, and our future really matter. It matters to everyone, and everyone deserves to know where their food comes from, and how to support healthy communities.


Kids in this country are being fed horrible food, and 1 out of 3 kids in America are considered obese...!

That is a staggering truth.

The future of our country and our world lies in education, nutrition, and taking a stand for what is right.

"Bicycle advocacy and local organic farming are the two most effective ways to create a positive change in our world today." Chris Bangs

This is one of my messages for the kids, and the kiddos love to hear it.

School Slide Show Series


Loving the beJesus out of what I do!