Friday, December 21, 2012

Sacajawea Peak, Bridger Mountains Montana

Super freekin' stoked....!!!!

I love being the mountains in Winter! 
It's so amazing what you can see out there. 
The majestic Bridger Mountains in Montana! 
For a relatively short mountain range 
the Bridgers are have sharp 
jagged peaks, long elegant ridge lined, and perfect powder snow! 

Skiing into the Mountains. Sacajawea on far right.

The surreal adventure of solo winter mountaineering. 
I froze my ass off a few times. 
Lost the use of my right hand for about an hour,
had to jump around in my big puffy down jacket
while setting up camp. 

Bridge Mountain Majesty. So beautiful in full winter gown.

Not sure if I bruised my big toe or if this is partially due to 
Had to question everything;
where to camp,
where to stash the bike,
how fast to move,
what layers to where,
am I too cold or can I keep going?

Ice climbing boots work well for winter bicycle riding!!!

Yes, keep moving.
When your almost there,
It feels like perfection.

"The Great One" on Naya Nuki.

All my fears and doubts were replaced by sheer joy on the ski up to the top 
of Sacajawea. 
The mountains are so peaceful, soft, and quite in winter. 

How much stuff can you fit on a BOB Trailer?

The 7 Summits of Bozeman

My goal is to climb and ski the highest peak in each of the 7 mountain ranges the surround Bozeman in the next 5 months. All 100% Human-Powered! This is a fund-raising climb-a-thon to raise money for our organic farming networks, (that include School presentations on fitness, farming, and a plant-based diet to support a better you and better community, and our BIKE TO FARM summer group rides). Pledge by the mile or vertical foot! Donate today! (find the donate button on the right and make a contribution to support Human-Powered Mountaineers Inc.)
Because food is the most important issue we face in the world today.  Buy local, support organic, and make a difference!

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