Friday, December 14, 2012

Old Rad Dog Rio

Rio "Old Dog" 1992-2006

Old Dog turned grey at two years.
He held an air of authority and intelligence beyond that of any dog.
My companion, gardian, and best friend.
Rio saved my life more times than I will ever know.
(And a few times that I do.)
We skied off hundreds of Peaks together, from Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and Colorado.
Hitch-hiked thousands of miles in every type of weather possible.
And he never complained once.

Animal companions are a special part of our lives.
I keep this photo of Rio framed in my house
from one of our last adventures together,
rock climbing at Stone Hill near Eureka, MT.


  1. Just saw this post today! Rio led the life many dogs would LOVE to live! :)

    1. Hi Kim!!!
      Thought you'd like this one. Rio still lives large in the hearts of the people that knew him most. big love,