Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Trails

"The happiest people are not the ones with the most, but the ones that make the best with what they've got."

I read this quote somewhere, and thought about all the things 
I am not bringing on my next adventure. 

a cell phone, laptop, or itinerary

Those new cold weather cycling boots I was eyeing with clipless peddles. Nope, didn't buy those. Sorry Mercedes; this trip is more Mitsubishi. 

Still don't have decent bike lights, or a decent headlamp; been looking at that purchase for about ten and a half years.

(Umm, did he say he doesn't have decent bike lights? )
Yeah, this trip I'll still be enjoying some darkness.

And maybe someday my bike will come with lights. 
Be like selling a car without lights. That would be odd. 

Some day my bike will be run with a computer, power-inverter, lights, and a bad ass sound system. But first I'm going to pull off this expedition, and get all human-powered and shit. 

Then I'll get back to imagining about things and stuff, and what I really need in my life.
Like a $20,000 bicycle, with a bad ass sound system.

I know that might sound funny, but I want to be the first to own a real autocycle.
Sign me up 2015, here I am. (Did I just coin that shit?)

The beginning of the dream. Imagining the $20,000 autocycle

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