Monday, December 29, 2014

The filming of LONU

Last year I made a ski film, or really, I sat around on the edge of making it and watched. Occasionally getting to ski and act silly. The film is credit to Henry Worobec and his crew of talented friends.

"Land Of No Use" was born a bumper sticker by our old time conservative brethren, and re-born into a ski film by our younger generation. (Click this link to watch Land Of No Use on vimeo.)

There has been debate about the making of our film, because of the whole Wilderness thing, and thus the making of a non-commercial film. I mean, why? Do we hate money? Is this supposed to be an environmental documentary, a ski film, or what?

So here's the skinny and the dirt behind the making of an outlaw film, and the three things I don't ever say to Henry.

Why make a non-commercial film about skiing in designated Wilderness?

Many big production films have segments filmed in Wilderness, but as long as they don't exploit the area; i.e. name the peaks, valleys, trails, trailheads, and try to sell you a guide/book/souvenir/movie,,,, then the Feds don't seem to mind so much.

But it seems if you start naming things and laying claim; the Feds want in and want money, and require expensive permits to lay your claims. And this is where it gets sticky, because big productions can easily pay the $15,000 for a permit to film.

So why not make a big production out of it? Pay the fees, and make a rad film about the meaning of Wilderness and what it means to us as skiers, Montanans, and passionate people with a voice. (And pay our bills, and make some money in the process, like the rest of us?)

Because big budget projects; can, have, and will be denied by the Feds for filming in Wilderness areas.

Probably because it becomes propaganda, and propaganda is also sticky. So is the Constitution to someone like me who doesn't know much. But what I understand, is that the Feds are able to control all commercial Wilderness propaganda, but can not control the Freedom Of Speech.

Meaning we can make a film. Anyone can, about anything. We just can't promote it to the world and profit off of it. If we did that we could be held at fault and sued by the Feds for breaking their rules.

And they have rules, so that's why you can't buy our film. That's why it's FREE now and forever. The Feds made it that way, in a way.

Now here is one of the things I don't ever say to Henry. For a ski-bum we skied and partied all winter, and not in that order, and then you come up with this non-profit status with Cottonwood Environmental Law Center to protect yourself and gain leverage.

I thought you were a ski-bum. What, did you actually go to college? And here's number two; the aloof thing with the ladies, is annoying. Every time we go out, all the ladies are like, Oh Henry wanna go float some rivers,,,,, piss off Chris.

And the third thing I wouldn't say directly to Henry. Sure you ski better than me, big deal, but you grew up in Boston, and that makes no sense; so I'm torn between loathing you and loving you for it. Peace.

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  1. This film is BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING and leaves you wanting to have a conversation for hours with everyone you were sitting next to while watching it. Thank you Henry, Chris and the rest of the talented, funny crew.