Friday, March 22, 2013

Root Top

Posted by Chris Bangs

Jon Wareham of Spark R and D, the splitboard company, helps run
The Bozeman Bike Kitchen

Last month, sometime in February, Jon Wareham and myself rode out to Pony, MT. to the Tobacco Root Mountains. There we climbed and skied Hollowtop Peak, the highest peak in the Tobacco Roots, then we rode home. Covering 125 miles in 3 days, by bike, foot, and skis!

 Here's the (video) stoke!
Let us know if you like it,
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  1. Flippin LOVE this! Inspiring, funny, grueling, nutty, beautiful... You two ROCK ROCK ROCK. You KNOW that me and my familia will become major donors to this project as soon as the moola starts rolling this spring. Proud to be sponsors of the happier, healthier world to play in. Gracias!!!!