Friday, June 29, 2012

Human-Powered the Great One (Bridgers)

Billy followed me around licking my pee.  Yum....
Wednesday June 27th,

I rode out to the Bridger Mountains with my skis attached to my bicycle and skied a run that we call the Great One.

This may be the first time that the Great One has ever been skied by "fair means" to quote Reinhold Messner.

Awesome full value experience just 28 miles from home.

The ride was a bit of an ass kicker, and I had to throw down a little, or a lot to be honest, and I wonder sometimes, is this really this hard?, am I a wimp?, and how come there aren't more human-powered people out here raging with me?

I camped at the lake and was honoured to hang with a Mountain Goat, and a Moose during the evening hours.  Both of my four legged friends were about 10-15 feet from my tent, and I'd forgotten how big Moose are up close like that.  Obviously they did not feel threatened by me, so I naturally didn't feel threatened by them either.  Probably because we're all vegetarians and smell good, and don't put off that "I kill things" feeling.

My friend Pat Clayton came out and took pictures, which I haven't seen yet, but I hear that we rocked it, so stay tuned for the follow up photo album.  You can check out Pat's work at Fish Eye Guy Photography, his photos speak volumes!!

Blah, Blah, Blah. Here are my photos from the trip, enjoy.

Baby Budda sits at the helm of my command center

Looking down the second half of the run

When you've earned it, it tastes so much better!!!

Schlepp and Bob at Fairy Lake, um my skis have no name.

The Great One is the couloir on the left.

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