Sunday, March 11, 2012


by Dr. Muse

My friend is a junkie
He says we're the same
Mountain climbing to him
Is like his needle in my veins

He wanted to get me high
And take me for a ride
We'd go up and down in the his basement
He said I'd see the other side

So climbing and smack
Are a lot the same
That's what my junkie friend said
That's what he claimed

All that night
And thru the next few days
I assisted him with his arm
As he continued to get blazed

And I sat there and watched him
Like the mountains sometimes do
Even from this point
We just can't know someone else's view

Now I like to joke
About my own junkie
The difference between smack
And climbing around like a monkey

I wonder if some day
One of us will know
He'd have to climb mountains
I'd have to do more than blow

Now as I prepare
For my next trip
My junkies all jacked up
He needs to get a grip

But once we get on the mountain
That place we go for fun
I'll put my junkie on a leash
And watch that monkey run

Sometimes I even go alone
So I can surrender
To the ego and voices
It's climbing in December

The cold weather seems to work wonders
And sometimes it burns
My poor hands and my poor feet
Someday I'll learn

I have to keep telling myself
That everything will be OK
Even though it's starting to snow
And the sky is turning dark and even sour grey

I'll summit this mountain
And descend to the city and the pit
As long as I can handle myself
As long as I can handle my shit

So I check in with my junkie
To see what he has to say
He couldn't care less
He's having another wonderful day

At least at this point
At least I can say
My junkie's a monkey
And we love getting high this way

My monkey my junkie
My king my queen
There are angles and demons
If you know what I mean

Someday soon
You'll learn as I did
There's a price for you life
And it's cheaper to be a kid

So why grow up
It's totally up surd
We're allowed to have fun
Or haven't you heard

This is not a discouragement
To be telling the truth
It's far better than some sex counselling
From that old Dr. Ruth

It's going to be rough
And at times I despair
I'm a mid thirties adrenaline junkie
With minimal cares

There's even the depression
Since my last dose
My junkie does the monkey
So well so gross

So just what is it here
That I'm trying to say
It's what the mountains do for us
It's where we go to pray

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