Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Revolution Has Begun

Posted by Christopher,

As I've said a few times now, my diet has been key for me to do what I'm doing, and I really want to share some of the things that I have learned with you.  These are my secrets to success, and to top it all off, this diet and herbal medicine is not just healing myself, but the world around me.  Being a human-powered mountaineer for me is more than a catch phase or a marketing gimmick.  It's me .  It's the way I live my life, it's my lifestyle and it's a process of continual improvement that I live for.
Three weeks ago I attempted my first 3 day challenge.  I wanted to test myself and my physical strength and endurance and also I want to prove a point to myself and to other people as well.  I wanted to prove a point, not because I don't like the questions and comments that I get being a vegan athlete, but because I do like being a vegan athlete and do like being that person that can tell people about the health benefits and athletic benefits of a plant based diet.
On that first 3 day challenge I pulled my left shoulder while climbing and had to take a few days off and rehab quickly to get back in shape to keep climbing.  Rehab, the word it's self is spelled ARNICA MONTANA.  If you have heard of Arnica yet then here it is.  Arnica Montana is a flower.  And when taken internally 24-48 hours from the time of physical injury, it speeds up recovery ten fold.  I am continually amazed at how well the stuff works.  It is absolutely just amazing how well and fast the stuff works.  So what is it? and how does it work so well?
The reason it works so well for almost all physical injuries is because it promotes the bodies own healing process.  So it is helping the body repair torn  and damaged muscles, cells, ligaments, etc...
I use both the homeopathic tablets (to be taken internally) and the cream or jell forms of Arnica (that are used topically as a rub).  So no more taking ibuprofen that only reduces swelling.  Arnica reduces swelling by the fact that it is actually helping heal the body in the process.  Not to mention that ibuprofen is not good for your stomach, especially over prolonged use.  Arnica is safe, effective, speeds up recovery time so much that it is truly fantastic.  I know it sounds funny to some so I'll just say for a laugh,  Go Flower Power!!
What might have been a season ending injury three weeks ago turned into a week of rehab (spelled ARNICA MONTANA) and I'm right back at it.  Hanging it all out there on the rock.  Pain free, strong, good as new, and in fact the boast of rehab has increased the amount of training that I have been doing and I have come back stronger than before the injury.
The other things that I have been learning about have come directly from my favourite author Brendan Brazier.  Now I've already thrown his name out there and told every one to look him up and look Vega, the line of whole food supplements that he originated.
Anyways, I'm going to do a lot of paraphrasing from his book Thrive Fitness here.  First off I am done being a slave to coffee and sugar.  This is huge if you want to see significant results in health and fitness and this is not just for those looking for athletic performance.  Stimulants cause the adrenal glands to work hard which released the hormone cortisol.  High levels of cortisol inhibit deep sleep.  Without good rest and achieving deep sleep when sleeping the body does not release GH (growth hormone) which promotes muscle cell regeneration.
So now I use Mate Factor yerba mate when I want an extra boast of caffeine.  Yerba mate has a different form of caffeine than coffee and is free from the negative side affects that coffee has.  I also use maca in my post work out protein shakes.  Maca aids in the support of the adrenal glands, which helps lower cortisol levels and promotes better sleep which contributes to fast recovery from long hard days of pushing my body to the breaking point.  But again this information and is not just helpful for hard core athletes looking push themselves to the next level.  This is beneficial for anyone in the fast paced world that we live in.
One of the questions that I get a lot is, "where do you get your protein?".  A fair question for some one who is not familiar with a vegan or vegetarian diet.  When it comes to protein, as Brendan Brazier says, "it's quality not quantity that is important".   He has what he calls 'high net gain foods'.  Meat and dairy immediately fall into low net gain foods because of all the energy that the body has to use just to process those foods.  So plant based protein has a higher net gain than foods from animals.  This means that you eat less, get more energy from what you are eating and this diet is better for the environment as well.  I get my protein from hemp, chlorella, flax seed, and other seeds and nuts.
Boy I could keep going right now, but I will finish up with one word, RAW...
Raw food is a huge key ingredient.  Now I'm not saying that you should go on a raw food diet immediately or any time soon.  But what I am saying is eat raw food.  It's that simple. It really is.  Raw food digests faster, easier, and taxes the body less in the digestion process.  Eating raw food has been proven to reverse diabetes!!! Look up Tree of Life rejuvenation centre.  It's like a crazy joke that nobody told us.  A cure for diabetes just by eating raw food!!!  Yes this is the revolution that I talk about.  The modern food revolution!!
Last week I failed to complete my 3rd three day challenge of the season.  As I said before.  I feel great about that.  I pushed myself really hard.  Mentally and physically.  Climbing is such a mental thing.  It's scary.  Just the thought of a climb sometimes is enough to make me have to use the rest room.  Justene knows.  We'll be out in the mountains, and I'll be getting ready to try a climb that will be hard for myself, and nature calls.  I have to run back down the trail to the out house and relieve myself.
Even though I didn't not complete the challenge I'll post my stats; 21km of cycling, 13,650ft of climbing,  44km of hiking, in three days.
This is the revolution, and its full of vegan and flower power, now stop laughing... my comedy routine is over.  Thanks for reading.

My girlfriend thinks I have a nice axe.

Joe and Michelle on Bugaboo Spire. Best day ever!

Sitting in camp; staying psyched is half the work.

Just ask this girl what she thinks about the revolution

Cobalt Lake as seen from Brenta Spire

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  1. It looks like you are living your passion, which was always for the outdoors! Great to connect with you again Chris. Maybe we'll see you next year. I'll follow your blog on my blog....Mine's not as adventurous as yours but to each his own! Take Care old friend. :)