Saturday, June 25, 2011

300 Miles down

Long distance cycling feels like we got novocaine shots in each butt cheek.  It's kinda numb, it kinda hurts.

Welcome to our gear room.

The packing begins.

Have lunch will travel

Bob Trailers are like loyal dogs.  They'll follow you anywhere.

Thanks Jo, Brad, Stacy, Mackenzie, Zack, and Kyle for the fashion show/send off ride.

This web footed blue ninja-duck-man wanted to go for a ride 

Our power animal, the snail.

Our camp on day 2.  An empty field in Helena, next to a trap shooting club (think shotguns).

Nice legs!!!

This turtle tried to cross the road...
This little turtle wears spandex.
 My dad Collin "Porter" Bangs joined us for 76 miles from Clearwater Jct. to Bigfork.  76 miles may not sound very long if your not 67 years old.  Good job dad!!!  Thanks for buying lunch.

Sometime the road is as long at it seems.
The Journey continues.  Enjoy the ride...

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