Monday, October 7, 2013

In The Name Of Adventure

Posted by Justene

Now, I'm not saying that everyone needs to hop on their bicycle and ride to a far off mountain range to scale some famous peaks, but seriously...where has peoples' sense of adventure gone?
I can't even tell you how many times passersby or random people at gas stations or trail heads, have told us that we must be CRAZY to do what we do.

"Don't they lock you people up?"
"I'd rather be in prison than do that."

Kind of funny that we get these comments about being locked up, when what we do is actually the complete opposite. What is that telling me about our society today? How free are we, really?
Chris and I often talk about how freeing our style of travel is and we make it one of our missions to 'Inspire Freedom', but sometimes that goes right over peoples' heads and they just think we're crazy. Although, most people are smiling when they tell us this and then they give us props, but there is still no way that they would even think about doing something remotely as crazy as us.

We're just plain crazy I tell ya.

Riding our bikes 400 miles just climb here! Crazy!
One day when we were sitting out a morning downpour, a group of tourists came out of the lodge and were all standing under the entrance way with us. We looked at them, bedraggled but with smiles on our faces, it was no mistaking we were the bicycle tourists. As strangers usually do, we talked about the weather...

"Looking pretty wet out there."
"Yeah, we're just hanging out for a bit, waiting to see if it lets up, trying to find some motivation."
"Oh, I'll tell you where motivation is, it's parked right over there." As he points to his giant RV that probably costs $500 to fill the fuel tank.
I didn't even know what to say, I managed a sarcastic laugh and thought to myself, sure buddy, you will never experience Yellowstone National Park the way I did. 
He walked away, got in his vehicle, never to think about the sopping wet human-powerd mountaineers he'd seen in Wyoming again.

It's pouring rain and you two are still smiling,
how can you be wet and still happy?
We have had numerous motorcyclists tell us that they think we're burly, because they thought that riding their motorbike across a few states was hard...but we don't even have a motor!

And at the trailhead, "You rode your bikes all the way here just to go climbing??"
Yes! We did and the journey has been like nothing else I've ever experienced!

So, what did happen to sense of adventure I ask?
What happend to the Wild West, people? The pioneers of North America didn't make their way across country with the notion that is would be uneventful, shit, or even easy! They were looking for new lands and, inevitably, adventure. Of course, I know that our forefathers and mothers endured hardships that I can't even fathom, but think of their stories and the sights they saw. Nothing dull there, my friends! Think about it.

Modern comforts will be the death of the Adventurous Spirit, our ability to know the elements and the cause of our disconnect from Nature. We can't disconnect from Nature, we are Nature!

Too much planning is the murder of spontaneity. This can't happen...too much good can come to you when you open yourself up to the magic of the road or trail. So BE OPEN, let us not lose our natural curiosity to explore!

Where with the road take you?

Dare I leave you with back to back cliche sayings, yes I will... Throw cation to the wind! Step outside of the box! Whatever it is you choose to do, make an adventure out of it. You don't even have to go far away, just go outside, appreciate the beauty of each day, talk to the animals, smell a flower, hear the wind, feel it and most importantly, please respect the Earth.

Thank you

**There is more to this story, stayed tuned to hear about how my faith in the Adventurous Spirit was renewed....

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