Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yellowstone and the Tetons

Biking through Yellowstone and Tetons. 
Oh Boy.
 I love the Tetons. 

Polecat Hot Springs, Yellowstone Country.

Grand Teton.

There's definitely something about Tetons.

Couple of nights at the AAC Climber's Ranch.

Morning commute to the hot springs.
Yellowstone Park pull over.

Morning approach, Teton National Park.

Exum Ridge, Grand Teton.

Having a seriously good time.

This ended our 31 day human-powered adventure 
to the Wind River & Teton Mountains
of Wyoming.

In the end, 
we renewed our faith in adventure, 
and our love for traveling and meeting other people.

Thanks to everyone that we met! And thanks to all the 
people who gave us food when we ran out.


  1. Utterly inspiring and dripping in Sweet Bangs!!!

  2. Mela took the words right out of my mouth!! oxoxox